& World Nature Institute

& World Nature Institute

The World Nature Institute is the museum that exhibits the status of world's forest resources and emphasizes the relationship between the environment and human behaviors, specific in deforestation. This project includes a full brand identity for the “World Nature Institute” which is getting ready to present a new exhibition called "The Last Acre."

Dermot MacCormack


Brand/Visual Designer


16 Weeks


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


I created a logo and identity system, various wayfinding and a website for the museum and exhibition. In this exhibition, through the black-white photos taken by environmentalist, it will clearly show the viewers how human behavior affects the environment and how environment treat them back, And the viewers will craft a resonant between themselves and planet they live.


The sixty-eight-page exhibition catalog is made of recyclable paper, which aligns with the WNI Museum’s core philosophy. The status of the world's three great primeval forests is revealed to the viewers through black-and-white photography and narrates by conservationists. And the viewers will craft an empathy between themselves and the earth they live in. Red, green, and black are interspersed within each chapter to evoke global natural resources.


The website integrates the aesthetic of the exhibition and catalog, presenting an engaging interactive experience. Presented with strong data on the homepage, the users have a greater understanding of the disappearing forests and the efforts made by all sectors of the society to try and save them. The museum has its exhibition system on its app, where viewers can scan the images through a mobile app to hear and collect behind the scenes stories.

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