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& C-ME

C-ME is a social media campaign designed to challenge and dispel stereotypes about Chinese students. C-ME combines visually compelling posters, an interactive website, and a cultural quiz on Instagram to showcase the diversity and true stories of Chinese students.
C-ME is a unique social media campaign designed to challenge and dispel common stereotypes about Chinese students. Through a blend of visually compelling posters, an interactive website, and a cultural quiz on Instagram, C-ME aims to present the true stories and diverse personalities of Chinese students, fostering greater understanding and cultural integration.

Abby Guido


Visual Designer, UX Designer


14 Weeks


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


At Temple University, I noticed there were some stereotypes about Chinese students, including perceptions of them all being wealthy, reserved in class discussions, or inherently introverted. To counter these misconceptions, I selected this issue as the focal point of my senior thesis project. 

Research and Discovery

To understand and address stereotypes surrounding Chinese students, I conducted interviews with 8 Chinese students and surveyed with 50 American students, professors from Temple University. As a result, I found 6 of the most common stereotypes and revealed 6 truths about them. 

Logo Development

The logo was inspired by a Chinese traditional stamp, which I reimagined into a hexagon to reflect harmony and inclusiveness. Each side represented an individual student, illustrating their diversity and different personalities.

Interactive Posters

Each poster focused on a stereotype associated with Chinese students. I created a photography collage for each student and used high-contrast and bright colors to draw viewers' attention. I also included a QR code that led viewers to a website for further engagement and narratives, enriching their understanding and challenging their assumptions.


Each page presented a unique narrative and story of each student, allowing viewers to understand their life experiences. 

Instagram Post

In addition to the website, I developed a series of Instagram posts to increase C-ME campaign engagement. These posts not only enriched viewers' understanding of Chinese culture but also fostered a more inclusive perspective.


  • During my portfolio show, C-ME ignited engaging conversations between students and faculty. By attracting attention and fostering discussions about cultural stereotypes, the project was able to demonstrate the power of design to foster social awareness.

  • The project was also recognized as one of the top 10 thesis projects at the Tyler School of Art. C-ME was also awarded the 2021 New Talent Silver Award from Graphis, an award often considered the bible of the art world.

  • As a result of the success of C-ME, my aspiration to influence the world through design has been reignited. With such esteemed recognitions and real-world results, I have gained confidence, motivating me to keep creating designs that are both beautiful and useful.